Things to Know About Home Foundation Before Selling Your House in Dallas TX

By | May 4, 2017

Before selling a house, it is important to ensure that it is in good shape to attract the right buyer. Severe problems with foundation can adversely affect the selling price of your house. In Dallas, Texas the compressible soil easily moves during the rain season and drought causes a shift inside the house.

house foundation repair

Where buyers have many other options, you need to give them a good reason to settle for yours. Foundation repair is an expensive affair that may push the selling price up if you want to sell your Dallas house fast and at a profit or at least recover your initial costs.

Noticeable movement, shifts in the house or even foundation repairs may easily scare away potential buyers. For sake of structural integrity of your house, you need to contract an experienced civil engineer or foundation specialist who can best advise you on how to about the whole business.

The most important consideration before beginning any foundation repair should be the cause of the problem. The drainage around the home is usually the main culprit and so fixing cracks, leaks and removing stains may not be significant solutions until the drainage problem is addressed.

A good understanding of the usual issues around your neighborhood is crucial in undertaking foundation repair. The most common causes of foundation problems in Dallas Texas include:

  • Clay soil which contracts and expands with changes in climate
  • Flooding and improper foundation systems
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Large tree roots that creep under the house and crack slabs
  • Poor soil compaction that causes structures to sink

Once the right foundation specialist is identified, the repair work begins with inspection of the house for extent of damage. The work may entail replacement of exterior drain pipes buried at the base of the foundation to arrest foundation drainage issues, repair of the plastic channels mounted where the walls and the floor meet as well as fixing of cracks, leaks and removal of any existing stains.

It may also involve using piers to lift structures to the desired position for foundation stability. You may as well consider replacement of the vertical concrete structures. Most Dallas foundation repair companies offer transferable warrant with the terms of the repair.

When selling the house, it’s prudent to disclose to the buyer any slab repairs which you can also supplement with the warranty transfer. The terms and conditions of the warranty depend on the company that does the repairs, but it’s always a one time transferable warranty for the repair.

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